travel nursing

I was Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…

Waiting. It’s the worst thing ever. In the time between a phone call ending, a text message sending, or a conversation tapering off, our deepest and darkest fears can take us over. And immediate yes or no is so much more comforting.

Waiting. It’s the worst thing ever.

Over the past two days, I’ve had a three phone interviews for two contracts, one of which will hopefully be my first travel position. I’m just waiting on contracts at this point, and my recruiter is pretty confident I’ll get one. I’m not so sure.

My first phone interview on Wednesday night went really well. The manager was friendly, liked my experience, and we seemed to jive. I was excitedly talking at it at work and then my co-workers started asking me questions: “What kind of hospital is it?” “What’s your ratios?” “Do you think they’ve have NAs or techs for you?” “Do you think they have sitters?”

And a million other questions ran through my mind, mostly wondering if I could figure out a whole new EMR (electronic medical record) in my short period of orientation or why on earth I had forgotten to ask all these questions during the phone conversation.

Today, another place called me, a place I really would love to go to. The director of nursing called me, and again, we seemed to jive. Then she said she wanted me to talk to a manager of a unit she thought I might be good on. I agreed and happened to miss the manager’s call.

The last phone interview I had left me rattled and shaking. I mean, it could have been the four hours of sleep, lack of nutrition, and adrenaline, but I was shaken up afterward. I wasn’t expecting the manager to pick up her phone. I wasn’t expecting such direct questions about how I provide care and how experienced I was. I wasn’t expecting a couple minute conversation about my future career goals. I wasn’t expecting my recruiter to have just talked to me, saying I’ll probably get a contract tomorrow and will have to make a decision within 24 hours.

I think I held it together on the phone, but it’s just all starting to hit me that this is really happening. I’m going to be moving. I’m going to be at a new place, with new rules, with new scrubs (because apparently none of mine will work), with new people, in a completely foreign city. And time is moving so fast and so slow at the same time right now.

So, I’m waiting. Waiting for a contract. Wishing it’ll be for the one I really want. Waiting for a phone call tomorrow from my recruiter that will decide it all. Wishing I could know right now. Waiting, as patiently as I can. Wishing, full of hope for the future.

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