travel nursing


This weekend, I experienced Boston for the first time. I’ve heard amazing things about Boston, from battles in my history classes to reviews from friends. Boston did not disappoint.

Like travel nursing, I did not know what exactly to expect going in. I’d gotten suggestions from co-workers and friends on what to do, I had a map of the T, and had a room reserved. I had unspecified plans to meet up with a friend from college, and that was about it. Except that, I told myself to say “yes” more than I said “no.”

I quickly learned the transformative power of a “yes.”

The room I reserved was in a small bed and breakfast outside Boston in Winthrop, and it was owned by the most hospitable couple on the planet. After checking me in, the hostess promptly invited me to grab a beer with her and her friends.

Usually, I don’t like to meet a large new group of people where I don’t really know anyone, especially when I’m tired. But I said “yes.” I learned all about different cities in California where I’m looking to do my next assignment and got plenty of tips on what to do the next day. Beer turned into a Mexican restaurant, drinking margaritas and eating delicious food. Turns out too, the host is a stand up comedian, and the next night I was at his show.

I loved that couple so much and getting to know them was an absolute joy. Checking out was honestly sad, but they gave me a present as I left. I’m 99% sure we’re going to be pen pals of some sort in the future, and I’m so excited to keep up with them! I know I’ll be back in Boston soon, and I really hope I can see them again!

I packed up my car and went back into the city to keep exploring. On a whim, I went to Harvard’s campus. I was on my way back to the T and then Connecticut when one of those people with clipboards called, “Hey! You look friendly! Do you have a minute?”

Usually, I ignore them and pretend not to hear. But I said, “yes.”

The guy had an iPad. Apparently clipboards aren’t a thing anymore. But he did have a great cause called Children International.

To be honest, I have been looking for a way to give back, and this seemed too be perfect to be real. I made the guy verify for me that it wasn’t a scam. Even after pulling up legitimate-looking ratings on this website called Charity Navigator, I almost walked away from him twice, but he kept asking, “Can you spare $28 dollars this month?”

And I kept saying, “yes.” (Because, really, I can afford to eat out one time less a month for a kid who can’t eat on a regular basis). After more convincing that this organization is for real and is not a pyramid scheme of any sort, I signed up.

Now I’m just paranoid and still checking to make sure my bank account doesn’t suddenly overdraw or anything, but I’m excited about sponsoring a little kid! I love supporting my nephew, and it’ll be great to support a little boy who might not have that support. I’m really very excited about this charity! This kid is in the United States somewhere, so I might even be able to visit him someday!

But wait…what? Did all this happen in the span of 72 hours? How does that happen? In what life does great, wonderful, serendipitous stuff happen in one weekend? Apparently in mine.

What a weekend. What a life. All because I said, “yes” and opened myself up to new experience and opportunities.

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