To make it easy for you, I’ve created a page featuring all the printables I’ve created and used on blog posts throughout the site! Feel free to use them for your personal use or gifts! However, if you re-post, please acknowledge where you got them from.

Thank you! 😀

From a post about off-registry budget-friendly gifts:

Proverbs 31-61 Timothy 5-23Ecclesiastes 9-7

Isaiah 29-9

Which I made into a custom coaster gift set for a friend and also featured the following that could easily be put on coffee mugs:

Coffee #2Coffee #1

From a post about unproductivity:


Which I turned into my welcome mat!
Which could be turned into a prayer photo frame which I made here.

From a post about the Divine Physician:

The Litany of Humility, one of my favorite prayers: