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You Do Not Own The Thing That You Love

We live in a world that is driven on gift economy, which is the idea that valuables are given with an implicit agreement for future reward for the giver. This idea often pervades our personal relationships from parent-child to romantic to friends. We often give in the expectation of receiving.  That is not how God designed relationships. 

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Hold onto the Good Ones

The good ones are the exception, not the typical. I was expecting the good ones to be the typical. When I found the opposite, it was hard to let go of my expectations and accept the reality of my career instead of the fantasy I had built up in my head for years.

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What is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me. Don’t Hurt Me. No More.

I guess the discrepancy all ties back to what we think love is. Cuture tells me love is chick flicks like Love Actually but deep down, I know love has to be more than a feeling. How else do you explain caring for a significant other in a hospital or when they’re sick or when they’re irrationally angry or look like crap?