patient stories

This is My Lane

Dear NRA, do not tell me that gun control is not my problem. In dealing with the immediate emotional and physical trauma after a gun shot wound, gun violence becomes my problem.

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Significant Exposure

Jesus did not deserve to suffer for us, for me, for her, but yet He did without complaint. He left Himself exposed, willingly...Am I not called to do the same for others?

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The Freedom of Boundaries

If people aren’t happy with our best effort, there’s nothing that we can give that’s going to make them happy. And if we are not happy with the best effort that others give us, there's nothing that others can give us that's going to make us happy.

patient stories, spirituality

When Hope Disappoints

Every diagnosis from a chronic, manageable illness like diabetes or Crohn's disease to a life-limiting diagnosis of chronic heart failure or cancer challenges us to grieve.