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The Freedom of Boundaries

If people aren’t happy with our best effort, there’s nothing that we can give that’s going to make them happy. And if we are not happy with the best effort that others give us, there's nothing that others can give us that's going to make us happy.

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You Took Me In: Authentic Hospitality in a Hostile World

Instead of requiring high school students to read The Diary of Anne Frank, the United States could have served as asylum for her. Are we denying asylum to the Syrian Anne Frank?

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Chasing a Mirage

I have peace and joy in the fact that I belong to the Lord. He can do with me whatever He wants. And He wants me to love Him, wherever I am, with whomever I am with, whatever circumstance I am in.

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Trust Exercises

Anything under God’s control is never out of control. - Charles R. Swindoll Since I can remember, I’ve had a plan. A 5-year plan for school and career, an ideal age for when I’d get married, an exact amount of children I’d have, a time in mind for when to fall asleep to get the ideal… Continue reading Trust Exercises